Physical Penetration Testing

Physical Penetration Testing

A physical penetration test evaluates an organization's physical security. Our team will attempt to gain physical access to your buildings and sensitive areas inside of them such as data centers, server rooms, network closets, etc. If combined with other assessments, we will implant devices to provide persistent access into your network. 

Methods used during physical penetration tests include reconnaissance, lock picking, social engineering, bypassing security sensors, badge stealing/cloning, and more. 

Our Methodology

All testing performed is based on the NIST SP 800-115 Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment, OWASP Testing Guide, and other testing frameworks.

• Planning – Customer goals are gathered and rules of engagement obtained.
• Discovery – Perform scanning and enumeration to identify potential vulnerabilities, weak areas, and exploits.
• Attack – Confirm potential vulnerabilities through exploitation and perform additional discovery upon new access.
• Reporting – Document all found vulnerabilities and exploits, failed attempts, and company strengths and weaknesses.

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