Penetration Testing as A Service:  Evolved security assessments to combat evolving threats

Why choose PTaaS?

Organization that prioritize security choose PTaaS for its many benefits including improved security, faster remediation, and better compliance.

Improve Security Visibility

 Overwatch PTaaS allows you to get testing any time you want - after each release if you wish. 

Reduce Administration

With Overwatch, you can immediately assign remediation tasks to your team and begin addressing the vulnerabilities. 

Improve Remediation Time

Because Overwatch immediately notifies you of security vulnerabilities and you can talk to the testers, remediation time is reduced.

The Old Way

Your compliance, audit, and security teams have  independent driving forces to conduct penetration tests. These tests happen on an infrequent basis and lead to long PDF reports that must be shared using complicated methods with all parties. Significant time is spent emailing the penetration testing company back and forth to set up calls to understand the findings and how to remediate them. You must rush to resolve the findings within the retest window so that you can get an updated report that can be shared with auditors showing you have addressed the issues. 

With Overwatch

Each year, you get a baseline assessment and have unlimited free retests to ensure that all findings are resolved. Any time you release a new feature or version, you can request a test of those components so that you have no blind spots hanging out until the next penetration test. Findings are given in real time so that you can immediately begin the resolution process. Testers are available live to answer your questions and initiate retests as you need them. All of this is handled from one dashboard so everyone has a single point of truth for all vulnerabilities and their resolution. 

Reduce Administrative Burden

With PTaaS, scoping is automated, you can interact with testers as they report findings, and ask questions to help with remediation. Furthermore, you no longer have to schedule a penetration test and remediate before an audit. You can simply export a versioned report to share with your auditors. 

Attack Surface Reduction

Because you can get anything tested any time you want, you can greatly reduce the attack surface that is exploitable by attackers at any given time. Instead of waiting for the annual assessment to resolve vulnerabilities, you can do it immediately upon release. 

Faster Remediation Time

You don't have to wait for a pen test to happen, and then a report to be provided to begin resolving vulnerabilities. As soon as a tester finds them, the finding is validated and added to the dashboard so you can ask questions and begin remediation. Testers will retest as soon as you want. 


An Evolved Assessment Solution

Penetration Testing That Works With You

The PTaaS approach is 100% geared towards helping our clients make their environments more secure. 

Immediate Notification

Get immediate notice of new findings

Track Findings

Track findings all the way from notice to confirmed resolved

Unlimited Testing

Get tests as frequently as you want

Remediation Prioritization

Cut noise and focus on the items that really matter

Remediation Support

Get support throughout the remediation process

Ease Time Obligations

Eliminate the need to rush pen tests before annual audits

Ready to Get Started?

Bastion Cyber's Overwatch Continuous Pentest as A Service (PTaaS) solution and our community of testers gives you a distinct advantage. 

  • Test web, mobile, API, network, cloud applications
  • Reduce the time it takes to scope and begin testing
  • Improve time-to-remediation of findings
  • Unlimited, free retesting
  • Unlimited testing that works with your dev teams
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